Peng Ji


2022-07-20, organize NetSci 2022, Shanghai, China

2022-06-10, invited talk on the workshop of “Collective Dynamics and Networks”, Organized by Konstantinos Efstathiou, Jian Gao, Wei Lin, and Zhigang Zheng

2021-10-05, organize mini symposia “Collective dynamics on networks” in PHYSCON, Shanghai, China

2021-10, (with Prof. Wei Lin, etc) co-organize “The 10th International Scientific Conference on Physics and Control”, Shanghai, China

2021-05, 组织“类脑智能与复杂网络关键技术交流会”,上海

2018-08, (with Prof. Wei Lin, etc) co-organize “The eighth Shanghai International Symposium on Nonlinear Sciences and Applications”, Qingdao, China

2017-03, 组织“2017复杂(脑)网络群体动力学研讨会”, 上海

2016-06, (with Dr. Thomas Peron and Dr. Simona Olmi) organize the Minisymposium “The Kuramoto Model with Inertia in Complex Networks”, Corfu, Greek